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Discover The Most Powerful Quranic Argument That Will Silence Any Atheist

This is the Same Argument the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Used

You will discover...

  • The Quranic argument that will silence any atheist and you will see where it is in the Quran.
  • A bulletproof argument for the existence of God and Truth of Islam
  • How it can be applied to different atheist objections
  • Real-world example of applying this argument  in an Atheist-Christian debate (the Christian lost because he can't use this argument—you won't!).

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Here are sample screenshots from the first three Videos in the Series

Who am I?

Assalaamu alaykum!

My name is Hamza Karamali. I am the founder and director of Basira Education. I've studied the Islamic sciences with traditional scholars for over 20 years, taught hundreds of courses online, and designed, managed, and participated in interdisciplinary research projects with philosophers and scientists.

I specialize in arguments for the existence of God. I've taught thousands of students and I work with Muslim students and schools to develop courses and curricula to protect Muslims from atheism.

I launched Basira to help Muslims integrate the intelligence and scholarship of the Islamic scholarly tradition with modern education in schools and colleges.

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Debate - Christian Loses to Atheist.  How it would be Different Using the Quranic Argument


Quranic Passage Explaining Argument


How to Use Argument to Silence ANY Atheist


Most Powerful Argument Explained